Our Assist Service utilizes username and password as an authentication mechanism to provide the best experience for developers as it can be integrated onto any web or mobile apps. This opens the door for anyone willing to publish DIDs for free utilizing Assist Service onto their own platform. In addition, Assist Service also provides additional services via its various endpoints such as getting interesting statistics from Elastos Mainchain, Elastos ID(EID) Sidechain, Elastos Smart Contract(ESC) Sidechain and Elastos Hive Vaults.
Some of the things you can do right now by interacting with Assist Service are as follows(but not limited to):
  • Quickly publish DIDs for free on Elastos ID(EID) Sidechain
  • Retrieve latest block info for mainchain and all the sidechains
  • Publish transactions for free on Elastos Mainchain or any of the sidechains Retrieve the top 5 merged miners and DPoS validators of Elastos Blockchain
  • Retrieve the entire transaction history of an ELA address on Elastos Mainchain or any of the sidechains
  • Retrieve the historical DID documents associated with a particular DID
  • Interact with Elastos mainnet and a new Testnet(Tuum Testnet)
How Assist Service is being used(or could possibly be used) in other platforms:
  • Assist Service is open to the public so anyone can interact with it from any website or mobile app or any apps on any platform for that matter since it’s a RESTful API service
  • Assist Service is a revenue generating service
  • utilizes the Assist Service to publish DIDs on both mainnet and testnet. It will support our new testnet(aka Tuumnet) in the future
  • Profile will soon integrate the Assist Service and automatically create an account for each user so it'll be much easier to utilize the same API key on any app
  • Websites such as and could utilize Assist Service in the future to retrieve various statistics regarding the Elastos mainchain, sidechains, DPoS statistics, CRC statistics, carrier nodes statistics, and much more.
Some upcoming features:
  • Integrate Assist Service badge on Profile which can be earned automatically after users associate the same DID to their Assist Service account.
  • Update Profile to include a new feature to automatically create an account on Assist Service
  • Update to include a new feature to automatically create an account on Assist Service
  • Add more complicated features such as stats shown on and to get stats about DPoS supernodes, getting info about carrier nodes in the world, getting entire history of an ELA address on mainchain and all sidechains, etc and many more
Our Assist Service is available at
You can check whether the Assist Service is currently running by going to
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