Intro to Tuum Tech

Welcome to the Tuum Tech documentation site! You can use this portal to learn about different products supported by us including but not limited to our main Assist Service which lets you interact with the Elastos Ecosystem that consists of Elastos Blockchain, Sidechains, and Elastos Hive Vaults.

Assist Service

Our Assist Service utilizes username and password as an authentication mechanism to provide the best experience for developers as it can be integrated onto any web or mobile apps. This opens the door for anyone willing to publish DIDs for free utilizing Assist Service onto their own platform. In addition, Assist Service also provides additional services via its various endpoints such as getting interesting statistics from Elastos Mainchain, Elastos ID(EID) Sidechain, Elastos Smart Contract(ESC) Sidechain and Elastos Hive Vaults.
Some of the things you can do by interacting with Assist Service are as follows(but not limited to):
  • Publish DIDs for free on Elastos ID(EID) Sidechain
  • Publish transactions for free on Elastos Mainchain or any of the sidechains Retrieve the top 5 merged miners and DPoS validators of Elastos Blockchain
  • Retrieve the entire transaction history of an ELA address on Elastos Mainchain or any of the sidechains
  • Retrieve the historical DID documents associated with a particular DID
  • Interact with Elastos mainnet and a new Testnet(Tuum Testnet)

Get a free DID

One of our very first products to get familiar with is our website that lets anyone create a Decentralized Identifer(DID) that can be used in any of the other Elastos related products such as Essentials mobile app, Profile, Hive and much more. It is free to get a DID but it will cost you a small transaction fee if you want to publish the DID to the blockchain. But fear not, because we have a service that lets you generate a DID and publish it to the blockchain, free of charge. Just head on over to and get your DID today!
Fun fact: Get DIDs website uses Assist Service to publish the DIDs!


Profile is a new type of digital identity owned by you - where genuine connections happen, and real-world networking begins online. Profile gives you total control over your digital world all in one place. Centralized social media applications and online platforms exist today because the data generated by users holds immense value. Profile denies such intrusion by permitting users to create their own self-sovereign identities, unlocking platform features such as personal data storage.
Profile has the following characteristics:
  • Each account automatically gets a self-sovereign Decentralized Identifier(DID) controlled by no one other than the original user. On Profile, everyone has their own digital identity.
  • You can get a verified credential for any of your data associated with your DID such as your name, age, location, education degree, work experience, etc. It is as easy as requesting verification from anyone else who also has an account on Profile.
  • You can create a page for an institution, organization or any sort of entity or group. This page is controlled by multiple DIDs by combining the power of multi-signature capability to generate and control a single DID.
  • For completing various tasks, you can earn badges that are represented as NFTs on the Elastos Smart Contract(ESC) Sidechain which have unique characteristics.
  • With Profile, you have the ability to only interact with verified real users eliminating the risks of spam accounts which will give credibility to your online digital identity.
Profile utilizes the following Elastos Services:
  • Utilizes Elastos ID(EID) sidechain to generate Decentralized Identifier(DID) and publish it for free
  • Utilizes Elastos Smart Contract(ESC) sidechain to generate NFTs that represent various badges earned on Profile.
  • Utilizes Elastos Hive that lets users choose their own data storage. On Profile, even Tuum Tech holds no control of any of your data but rather, you are in control of your data(this includes not just application data but also your personal data).
Fun fact: Profile uses Assist Service to publish the DIDs!

TUUM Token

Tuum Tech has plans to issue its own ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain in the near future and bridge over the tokens to Elastos Smart Contract(ESC) sidechain. The token will be available with enough liquidity on both Elastos and Ethereum on the official launch date as the team has plans to provide liquidity and staking incentive on both platforms. Stay tuned for more info.