How to call the API from an app

const snapId = `npm:@hashgraph/hedera-wallet-snap`

const handleShowAccountPrivateKeyAPI = async () => {
  await window.ethereum.request({
    method: 'wallet_invokeSnap',
    params: {
      request: {
        method: 'showAccountPrivateKey',
        params: {
          network: 'testnet'

What the API does

  1. Retrieves the currently connected account the user has selected on Metamask. If it's the first time, a new snap account is created and the account info is saved in snap state.

  2. Displays an alert dialog blox on Metamask with the private key of the snap account. The user can then copy it if they like. Note that the private key is never passed to the applications and is only displayed on the dialog box.

Some example responses:

For a hedera account id 0.0.3581604:

    "currentAccount": {
        "metamaskEvmAddress": "0x0b3628d1b838993b5fceec8b2a26502e7a8e5241",
        "externalEvmAddress": "",
        "hederaAccountId": "0.0.3581604",
        "hederaEvmAddress": "0xca53f9c93d30e0b7212d67901e5a24fb090d542b",
        "publicKey": "0x0206022cea4c6dd6d2e7263b8802253971de922f5380661d97cba82dee66f57ad6",
        "balance": {
            "hbars": 5.67332072,
            "timestamp": "Wed, 13 Mar 2024 20:37:05 GMT",
            "tokens": {
                "0.0.3590430": {
                    "balance": 1,
                    "decimals": 1,
                    "tokenId": "0.0.3590430",
                    "name": "Token1",
                    "symbol": "KP1",
                    "tokenType": "FUNGIBLE_COMMON",
                    "supplyType": "INFINITE",
                    "totalSupply": "100",
                    "maxSupply": "0"
        "network": "testnet",
        "mirrorNodeUrl": ""

Live Demo on CodePen

Some things to keep in mind while interacting with the above demo
  • If you're getting any errors with the live demo, make sure you go through the FAQs section to learn about what you may be missing. You need to install Metamask in your browser for the live demo to work

To ease the integration of Hedera Wallet Snap on an application, we have created a template web application that you can run locally and check out the code in its entirety to learn how you can integrate and interact with various APIs exposed by Hedera Wallet Snap. Check out the full source code at template application github repository.

You can also check out the API reference to learn how each API works.

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