How to install the Identity Snap?

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    To get started, make sure you have MetaMask Flask first and then install the Identity snap from the npm registry. Note that as of now, v1.3.2 is the most stable version so we recommend you use this in your application
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    Connect with Metamask Flask and accept the connection in MetaMask(Note that you cannot install snaps directly. You would need to enable this in your app. To learn more about how you can do this in your own app, look at an example site code that has the Identity Snap installation functionality or go through the live demos within the Snap RPC APIs section where you can check out the working html/js code to do this.
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    Approve and install the Identity snap
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    Check out this demo video that showcases how a website can integrate with Identity Snap and expose various functionalities such as creating DID, resolving DID, creating Verifiable Credentials and creating Verifiable Presentations and much more.

Why do I need to use a snap for DID?

DID is not directly compatible with MetaMask. The Identity snap allows you to manage your DID by creating a DID based on your ECDSA private key.

Why do I have to use MetaMask Flask?

Snaps are only available on the developer preview version of MetaMask, called MetaMask Flask. Snaps will be released within the generally available version of MetaMask later this year.

Can I see my Verifiable Credentials directly in MetaMask Flask?

No, the Identity Snap does not modify any UI within MetaMask Flask. To interact with the snap and perform actions you need to go through a dapp. We have built a dedicated dapp that you can access here to view your Verifiable Credentials here.

I have MetaMask installed, why can’t I install the Identity snap?

For now, snaps can only be installed in MetaMask Flask. You can’t run MetaMask and MetaMask Flask at the same time so you need to uninstall your Metamask plugin and install only Metamask Flask so there is no conflict. Please use a different browser profile or a different browser to install Flask.

Is the Identity snap available on MetaMask Mobile?

Snaps are currently only available on MetaMask Flask. MetaMask Flask is a browser-based developer preview of MetaMask. This means the Identity snap, or any other snap, is currently not available on MetaMask Mobile however, there are plans from the Metamask team to release the Snap feature on Metamask mobile in the near future.

What happens if I delete the snap in MetaMask?

Reinstalling the snap will automatically recover your account provided you use the same private key to configure the account again via your DApp. Verifiable Credentials will need to be added again. Deleting the snap does not delete your DID or transaction history.